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How to verify twitter account to get blue badge without being famous

There is a verification process to verify a twitter account without being famous, but for famous personalities, it's quite an easy verification process.


Top 5 reason why bts is so popular Internationally

5 reasons why BTS is so famous worldwide are 1.Unique Music 2.unique music Genre 3.BTS ARMY (Fans ) and so on.


Top 10 BTS fanpage twitter account in English for daily BTS update

top 10 BTS twitter account are 9.@taehyungpic 8. @jeonggukupdates 7.@Seokjinpicss 6.@RMPICS_twt 5. @sugapics 4. @parkjiminpics 2@BTS_Billboard 1 @BTS_ARMY


Top 10 Most popular Kpop Groups list (2021)

Top 10 Most popular Kpop Groups with some facts are 1. BTS 2.Blackpink 3.Exo 4.Twice 5.Seventeen 6.Got7 7.RedVelvet 8.Nct 9.Mamamoo 10.STRAY KIDS


Is BTS going to serve military service together

Is BTS going to serve military service? South Korean ‘military culture' states that all men between the age of 18 to 28 have to serve in military service.


BTS member profile: Age, Birthday, Height, Real Name and facts

BTS members profile (full Biography) 1.RM(Main Leader) 2. Jungkook(Maknae) 3. Jin is 28 (oldest member of BTS) 4. V( most handsome face 2020)